Q Loop Product Video
Q Loop Product Video- Spanish

Q-Loop is an exclusive product developed to eliminate belt loop fray and improve appearance for the life of the garment by using a resin tape.  Using Q-LOOP eliminates costly, labor intensive hand trimming of belt-loop fray.  QST offers special fusing equipment, designed for the unique requirements of Q-LOOP application in the production line. 

The QST Q-LOOP Processor:

Fuses Q-LOOP resin tape to belt-loop fabric and is used for use with all denim and cotton belt-loop fabrics.  Beltless operation completely melts Q-LOOP anti-fray belt-loop film, allowing complete penetration into the fibers of denim or cotton fabric in the belt-loop chain. This stabilizes the fabric yarns, preventing fraying in the finishing process. Standard features include:

  • Adjustable speed control
  • Automatic cut-off
  • Quick heat up
  • Dual button activation
  • Quick stop fabric saver
  • Tunnel heating
  • Pull out loading tray

The QST Q-LOOP Processor Series II:

This series is designed for the application of Q-LOOP to belt loop fabric.  Having a compact size allows flexibility in placing units on a production floor as well as placing in more than one plant for economy and profitability

  • Standard features include:
  • Top and bottom heating
  • Variable speed control
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Unique, beltless system
  • Tunnel heating

The QST Q-LOOP Processor Series III:

This series is a low cost processor that is designed for small to medium size production.  Having a compact size and table-top design makes it flexible and easy to use. Standard features include:

  • Beltless
  • Safe, tray loading
  • Separate top and bottom heating controls

The QST Q-LOOP Heater

This is a special design belt loop heater to be used with belt loop chains protected with belt loop tape and fabric only belt loop chains.  It is economical, reliable & safe and eliminates kinks and twists in the loop chain when adapted to automatic belt loop setters. Standard features include:

  • Computerized memory shuts down unit when not in use
  • Fine tuning temperature adjustment
  • Rest switch