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Waistbands are a defining factor to the fit of the pant; the waistband must have both, fashion and function.  QST recognizes the importance of a well-constructed waistband curtain and is proud to introduce WAISTBANDOLOGY.   QST’s custom design waistband platform is for any fashion, style or manufacturing procedure/application, including dress, casual and stretch style waistbands.   The QST technical team will advise your custom design curtain linings for your specific manufacturing and design requirements. The QST design/graphics department will assist in the development of printed graphics, logos and designs, integrated with decorative piping and bindings to customize curtain linings. QST curtain linings can be produced from any QST woven fabric.

Why a waistband curtain? 

The purpose of a waistband curtain is to cover the internal materials of the waistband construction, which offer function to the garment.  QST Industries specializes in custom designed waistbands, made to fit the character of your garment. 

How do I create a QST-quality waistband curtain?

Follow our cues through Waistbandology to complete the visual design.  A QST sales rep will contact you to discuss the technical details prior to completing a sample. 

Did You Know? 

A Brief History: From Corsets and Suspenders to Waistbands
While women used corsets to hug their waistlines, the history behind a men’s waistband proves to ride the trends of fashion and have risen and fallen through the course of time.  In 1840, elastic braces, or suspenders, were created to hold up trousers; they held the pant so it did not touch the body.  By the turn of the 20th Century, with the arrival of baggier lounge-style suits, the waistline dropped, ushering in a century of yo-yoing waistlines.  Today, the constructed waistband distinguishes the garment for men and women; it offers an apparent fit, allows for impeccable function and acknowledges current fashion trends with its aesthetics.