QST is Eco-Smart

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Corporate Responsibility

QST recognizes the importance of our associates, their communities and other stakeholders which are affected by the way we do business. We recognize the importance of company-wide engagement and will actively educate and reward and incentivize our associates to embrace QST’s sustainability initiatives and practice them both at work, at home and within their communities.

QST continually explores new opportunities and strives to help better the communities that our facilities are located in. We are proud of our local community outreach.  For example, in Mexico we provide wood from our pallets to families to heat their homes and in the Dominican Republic we educate our employees on filtering clean drinking water. It is our mission to have community outreach in all the areas we are located; we believe it is our duty as a global company to do our part to create better living conditions and ultimately, a more sustainable planet for generations to come.