QST is Eco-Smart

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Eco-Smart Products

Recycled Polyester® is Eco-Smart

  • Recycled Polyester fiber is made with 100% recycled content
  • Reduces energy consumption and conserves petroleum based resources by offsetting the need to produce virgin synthetic fiber
  • Compared to virgin polyester, producing one pound of Recycled Polyester saves:
    • Enough energy to run a compact fluorescent light bulb for nearly 22 days
    • Enough water to provide more than the daily drinking water for one person
    • The amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted while driving a hybrid car almost 3 miles
  • Recycled Polyester reduces energy consumption by over 66%, reduces water consumption by nearly 50%, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 34%
  • On average, five pounds of Recycled Polyester yarn conserve the equivalent of a gallon of gasoline
  • Global production of Recycled Polyester will keep over 900 million plastic bottles from entering landfills
  • Recycled Polyester donates a portion of sales to worthy environmental causes

Sustainable Cotton is Eco-Smart

  • Sustainable cotton helps the financial profitability for farmers
  • Sustainable cotton helps reduce the impact of water and pesticide use on human and environmental health
  • Growing sustainable cotton improves the soil health and biodiversity
  • Growing sustainable cotton promotes decent work for farming communities and cotton farm workers
  • Growing sustainable cotton helps preserve the quality of the fiber
  • Sustainable cotton has helped to increase traceability along the cotton supply chain, which will help to continually improve the cotton growing life cycle.