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Apply with a moist sponge on the backing, then stick your garment to it. Adhesive easily washes off leaving no stain. This will replace peel and stick backings and adhesive sprays for most applications. It is a considerable savings over the pressure sensitive adhesive backings and more importantly eliminates toxic airborne spray adhesives. Hydro-Stick is available in light, soft and firm weights.

Advantages over peel and stick backings:

  • No gummy residue on needles or machine parts
  • Less expensive - no costly silicone release paper to deal with
  • You can remoisten a few times to reposition
  • Environmentally friendly, natural adhesive

Uses in hoopless embroidery:

  • The garment is too small or irregular in shape to hoop properly.
  • To avoid the hooping ring on certain fabrics

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