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As the leading global supplier to the apparel industry, QST makes it our corporate responsibility to continually research and develop environmentally-smart products. We know that sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a long- term commitment. By offering recycled and low-impact products, we’re one step closer to achieving a closed-loop, no waste system for the fashion industry.


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There are currently over 16 trillion pounds, or 8 billion tons, of plastic in the world. QST’s ECO-FILL is a sustainable solution for thermal, quilted, or puffer jackets and coats. A recycled polyester fill, it is made from reused PET bottles, and just 1000 pounds of our 100gsm weight fill saves 2,700 bottles from ending up as trash.


The global consumption of bottled water is currently one million bottles per minute, or nearly 17,000 bottles per second, and 91% of those bottles won’t be recycled.

QST’s ECOFUSE uses 4.5 recycled PET bottles per meter. Recycled polyester products such as ECOFUSE can be reused over and over again in production without a decrease in fiber quality. By consistently using recycled polyester, the potential for closed-loop garment manufacturing is possible.


QST's ECO LINING collection is both durable and sustainable. Because it is made with polyester fiber from recycled PET bottles, it can be recycled and reused over and over again, which reduces up to 53% of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as saves natural resources and energy consumption.


QST's collection of Natural Fuse interlinings is our most sustainable and renewable collection yet. With interlining options made from banana fibers, corn fibers, milk fibers, and silk fibers, Natural Fuse interlinings have little to no effect on the environment, which makes them the perfect choice for any sustainable, Eco- conscious brand


As the industry leader in low-water and no-water finishing processes, QST’s Eco pocketing saves millions of liters of water every year.

Certified Recycled Polyester Pocketing The same great quality pocketing, but better for the environment: QST has been producing eco-friendly pocketing since before eco-friendly became a trend. We offer a wide variety of recycled polyester blended pocketing which use Repreve® and Unifi® certified fibers. By using these recycled fibers, we can reduce our water consumption by 90% and energy output by 70%.

Organic & BCI Cotton Pocketing By using BCI Certified and/or Certified Organic Cottons, QST is reducing the environmental impact of the farming process.  Organic Cotton reduces the impact of pesticides on our environment and over time reduces water consumption.  The Better Cotton Initiative (or BCI) takes a holistic approach to producing cotton in a sustainable manner which focuses on the three pillars of sustainability covering environmental, social and economical aspects of the farming process.   

Low-Water Finish Our Low-Water Finish uses 30x less water than a standard pocketing finish while still offering the outstanding benefits of advanced width, shrinkage and pilling control.

Waterless Finishing Program Finishing Eco pocketing without the use of water savs millions of liters of water while maintaining QST’s highest standard of quality. By using the newest finishing process, QST has reduced our water consumption by 100% and simultaneously reducing our natural gas output by 80%.

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